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Quality, Accreditations and Awards


TMD Technologies,LLC is regularly audited against, and approved to the rigorous quality standard BS EN ISO9001:2015.

TMD’s quality philosophy is to adopt and introduce best practice – as developed and taught by the leading experts in the field of quality. The company seeks to instil quality awareness, together with a process of continuous improvement in all parts, and at all levels of the organisation.

The following are some of the key aspects:

  • The process of product design and development follows a format to monitor progress, through design reviews, and strict adherence to a well proven procedure, to ensure the product will achieve optimum performance and reliability.
  • All ruggedised products are subjected to a rigorous application of ESS (Environmental Stress Screening) and HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) to expose any design or component weaknesses.
  • Use of “5S” Initiatives taken from the Japanese approach to quality – (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain),
  • Inspection and quality control during production and test.
  • Photoflow quality control systems to reduce ambiguity and improve consistency.
  • Systematic cause & effect failure analysis to enable problems to be solved quickly.
  • Supplier improvement initiatives and ship to stock policies.
  • A continual product and process improvement policy using customer feedback and live, regularly updated quality databases.

All of our PCB operators are all trained and certified to IPC-A-610.


Queen’s Award Enterprise (International Trade), 2004

On the 5th July 2004 TMD was presented the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (International Trade) by Wing Commander Edna Partridge (Deputy Lieutenant, London Borough of Hillingdon). This was for our strength of overseas earnings of £18 million over the previous three years; success being achieved by a careful, vigorous and persistent approach to marketing and the pursuit of a thorough understanding of the culture and practices of the countries concerned.

Queen’s Award Enterprise (Innovation), 2005

On the 12th August 2005 TMD was presented with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2005 for Innovation for our Ultra Low Noise ‘Free Range’ power supply for radar, which achieves a noise level 100 times lower than that of previous designs. This provides the radar with significantly better range and accuracy of target identification. A key feature is that TMD’s power supply does not need a synchronisation pulse from the radar, which enables the Radar to run with a free range of pulse lengths and waveforms. As a result of this new power supply, TMD recently won a major contract from the US company Thales Raytheon to supply radar transmitters for the Sentinel Radar, against strong competition from US suppliers.