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NEW PTCM Series Instrumentation Amplifier

Looking for our Solid State MPMs?

The PTS6900 uses the latest advances in GaN MMIC technology in the 2-6 GHz range, generates 105 W and is ITAR free.

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TMD is pleased to release a brand new range of high power Travelling Wave Tube RF Amplifiers for user applications including EMC /Radiated Immunity, Communications, EW, Radar, RF Component testing and Scientific applications. This new range has many user benefits:

  • Meeting the most demanding testing standards including RTCA/DO-160, MIL Standard, EUROCAE and AIRBUS ABD 100
  • New design features include: advanced self diagnostics, ethernet interface, remote management, VSWR protection and plug & play field replaceable power supplies
  • Range of operation DC-40 GHz, up to 50 kW

To find out more about our whole range of Instrumentation Amplifiers click here.

Banner photo courtesy Element Materials Technology and Honeywell Aerospace

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