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History and Growth

TMD in the USA

TMD Technologies LLC, established in 2012, operates in the USA out of our Baltimore Maryland facility. We are a Small Business Concern, operating  under a Special Security Agreement approved by the US State Department.

TMD USA is fully operational, providing both technical and commercial sales support for our US customers.

  • Our location, just minutes from the Baltimore-Washington International airport is:
    TMD Technologies LLC, 1730 Twin Springs Road, Suites 211 – 212, Halethorpe, MD 21227. Telephone 410 242 4290; Fax 410 242 5073  contact:
  • We provide pre and post-sales support, and are staffed with US employees working in our Baltimore facility
  • We maintain a 3000 sq. ft. Test & Repair facility, with fully trained service technicians providing both in house and field support for US customers. We utilize J-STD-001 Class 3 Workmanship, with ISO-9001-2015 certification.
  • Our dedicated service team utilizes the latest test and measurement equipment, fully calibrated and traceable, with on-site environmental screening and altitude test capability.


TMD Technologies Limited (TMD) is among the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave tubes, high voltage power supplies, and transmitters for Radar, EW, Communications, EMC RF testing, Radar Transponders and other Laboratory applications.

TMD can trace its roots back to the early 1940’s, when the microwave tube research division of EMI Electronics was established to develop high power klystrons, for use in the first airborne radars being developed during the Second World War.

In 1969 the company was formed into a joint venture with Varian (now CPI), which ran for 20 years. In 1989 the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of THORN EMI Electronics, and commenced development of switched mode power supplies and transmitters for radar & EW applications.

In 1995 THORN EMI sold the company to a “Management Buy Out” team, led by the Managing Director, and as TMD Technologies this is now a wholly owned, fully independent private UK company.

Following the MBO in 1995, TMD’s management team has been gearing up for growth, based on the development of a wide range of HVPSUs, TWTAs and Transmitters offering outstanding performance and reliability. We have also developed a new range of TWTs, for incorporation in our own Transmitters, or for sale to OEMs who still choose to build their own systems.

We have been able to combine our aims for technical excellence with a market strategy focused on providing our customers the opportunity to outsource the development and manufacture of radar transmitters.

As more and more system primes see the benefit of outsourcing, our business is growing in proportion. We now have more than 1000 TWTAs & transmitters operating in the field in ground, ship and airborne systems, demonstrating the excellent reliability of TMD’s products.

Over the last 5 years sales have doubled, and are on track to continue at this rate. A key factor which has enabled the company to maintain this growth is that our customers continue to work with us, especially because of the high level of support we provide to ensure the products we supply meet the expected performance and reliability criteria.

We have a dedicated team of highly capable engineers who ensure this interface is maintained. We continuously attract new recruits to enable us to maintain this excellence, even as we grow. A key aspect of TMD’s approach is that we support the customer through the design, integration, and setting to work in the field.