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If you are working in Radar, EW, Communications, EMC testing or Scientific Research and have a challenging RF and Microwave specification to meet, then we’re the people to talk to!

We have a track record of being able to solve the most difficult technical challenges in transmitter, microwave amplifier, microwave tube and power supply design.

This is because we are not only a manufacturing company but also a research and development establishment with a task force of the most creative and resourceful engineers and scientists. We are not afraid to take risks and are willing to step outside the normal comfort zone.

Our customers like doing business with us because of the quality and reliability of our products and our high level of customer support.

Here are some examples of the challenges we have overcome:

Radar Innovation

  • An ultra low noise power supply for the Sentinel battlefield surveillance radar.

We provided a long sought after solution for the US Army and won a UK Queen’s Award for Innovation for the work in 2005.

  • High duty, fast warm Ku band TWTs for guidance/fire control.

We have developed a new range of TWTs addressing many technical difficulties, including ultra small cathode size and brand new heater potting technology for fast warm requirements.

  • Microwave Power Modules offering improved performance and reliability.

In 2004 we began the development of a new range of MPMs comprising power supply and mini TWT combined in a small, light drop-in block. These offer many advantages to the user; in particular safety and reliability. These were originally developed for EW applications but we were recently able to make a fast adaptation of the design to solve a problem for a SAR radar user.

  • Multi-TWTA systems

Using power combining techniques TMD is now able to produce multi-TWTA systems which have the one advantage of solid state technology, graceful degradation – with none of the disadvantages.

Electronic Warfare Innovation

  • In 1994 we began the development of a power supply for the towed decoy for Eurofighter which we have produced ever since. Find out more…
  • We developed a power supply with a very short throughput delay for an overseas customer for a jamming system on a fast jet. Other suppliers had previously failed to meet the specification. Find out more…
  • In 2004 we began the development of a new range of MPMs in particular to address the EW market. However these have since proved adaptable to radar and communications. Find out more…

EMC Testing

  • HIRF (High Intensity RF) testing.

This is now required to meet the new, more stringent standards for carbon fibre-based aircraft. We have developed a new high power range of amplifiers which achieves more than 5 kW pulsed from 1-18 GHz – even at L-band frequencies – an area of considerable technical difficulty. Find out more…

Scientific Research

We have strong involvement with various scientific establishments and TMD is an active member of the High Power Faraday Partnership.

Projects have included:

  • Driver amplifiers for Anti-matter Experimentation for CERN/Riken Laboratories. In this case TMD saved the customer the embarrassment of missing their beam time slot as a previous supplier had failed to deliver.
  • Amplifiers for the CERN CLIC Test Facility CTF3.
  • Kicker Amplifiers for Oxford University for an International particle physics programme.