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New PTXM range of ultra-compact Microwave Power Modules (MPMs) delivers exceptionally low weight and size while providing surprising levels of power density

The recently developed PTXM range of TWT based Microwave Power Modules delivers exceptionally low weight and small size – typically 1.7 kg and 190 x 120 x 30mm, which has been achieved with no reduction in RF power or reliability. This high power-to-volume feature is the result of superior packaging techniques to efficiently use all available space.

These MPMs are particularly suitable for airborne applications or for other situations where space and weight are critical.

PTXM Ultra-Compact Modular MPMs

The result of many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of high frequency, high power TWT based MPMs, our state of the art PTXM Series offers possibly the highest power density on the market.

By incorporating mini TWTs and employing extremely efficient packaging these ultra-compact units are ideal for airborne radar, EW and communications applications – particularly in UAVs, where low volume and weight is critical.

To cover a range of application requirements, there are currently three PTXM models: the PTXM1000, PTXM1001 and PTXM1002, covering the frequency band 4.5 to 18 GHz and with output powers from 100 to 140 W.

Fully integrated and modular design

The modular concept behind the PTXM units are easier to manufacture and test – offering higher performance, extreme reliability and safe and simple installation at a lower cost.

Each PTXM unit integrates a mini TWT and an optimised high density switched mode power supply to produce a single ‘drop in’ microwave amplifier block. Included are a solid state pre-amplifier and/or lineariser, depending on model or application.

The system designer’s task is made easier by the integration of the TWT and its high voltage power supply – eliminating the TWT interconnect along with associated reliability and safety issues. This integration also allows reduction in system size, simplifying installation.

All units feature excellent thermal management and high electrical efficiency, with minimum cooling required over a wide operating temperature range – significantly contributing to the exceptional reliability.

No user adjustments required

To optimise TWT performance the MPM adjustments are set at the factory. This not only eliminates the need for user adjustment, but also makes any field replacements easier and quicker.

For more information on our PTXM Ultra-Compact Modular MPMs see our Microwave Power Modules product page (and downloadable technical specification datasheets).

Withstanding the harshest conditions

A fully encapsulated high voltage section allows the PTXM units to operate in the harshest of environments – at high altitudes and humidity, and surviving high levels of vibration and shock.

PTXM1000 ultra compact and lightweight microwave power module
The PTXM1000 ultra compact and lightweight MPM featuring a Ku band (13.75 GHz to 14.5 GHz) TWT capable of providing 110 W across the band.

“The aerospace and defence market continues to demand higher frequency and power at the lowest possible weight and volume. In high power, or high frequency applications tube based solutions still have the advantage. TMD continues to invest in engineering development to remain at the forefront of this technology.”