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Unlocking the mysteries of the universe with Instrumentation Amplifiers

Our Instrumentation Amplifiers are helping scientists and research facilities to investigate the mysteries of the universe.

A few years ago we provided a Driver Amplifier to CERN for an antimatter experiment carried out in collaboration with Riken Laboratory, Japan. Our Instrumentation Amplifiers are also being used by several other leading organizations in the area of fundamental particle physics including Amplifiers for the CERN CLIC Test Facility CTF3 and Kicker Amplifiers for Oxford University.

TMD also now offers a full range of solid state amplifiers. Designated the PTCS Series, these Instrumentation Amplifiers have been developed for use at frequencies below 18 GHz.

For more information on our range of TWT (Travelling Wave Tube) and Solid State Instrumentation Amplifiers see our Instrumentation Amplifiers product page.