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TMD USA spotlights newest PTCM Series TWT intelligent instrumentation at EMC + SIPI 2018 – Booth 441

At the EMC + SIPI Symposium 2018, TMD USA, supplier of professional world class, microwave and RF products based in Baltimore, Maryland, will be demonstrating its proven capability in the field of EMC/EMI.

Emphasising this expertise is our recently introduced PTCM Series of intelligent, modular TWT (Travelling Wave Tube) RF instrumentation amplifiers. Operating over a frequency range from DC to 40 GHz, with a power output up to 50 kW, they are designed to deliver the highest field strengths in the test environment.

While highlighting the many features of the PTCM Series, Bryan Herndon, TMD USA’s dedicated Sales Engineer for the product, commented: “This amplifier offers top performance and a wealth of innovative operational benefits in a compact package. We are experiencing broad-based interest in the USA, where we see great potential not only for EMC/EMI but for many scientific, military and other applications”.

“Moreover”, continued Bryan Herndon, “we now offer a new ultra-high power, dual combined version of the PTCM amplifier for HIRF testing and other demanding applications across multiple industry sectors. (see below).

Download PDF of full press release here EMC and SIPI 2018