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EW and DEW Application Notes

This document is one in a series of ‘Applications Notes’ which describe how TMD products have been used in particular customers’ applications over the past decades.

This Application Note is dedicated to Electronic Warfare (EW) and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). An excerpt from the document is contained within this post but for more detail, and our EW and DEW and related product range, you can download the full document here – TMD Electronic Warfare and DEW Application Notes, or for more detailed product information you can download product datasheets on our Instrumentation Amplifiers, High Voltage Power Supplies and Microwave Power Modules (MPMs) pages.

TMD Electronic Warfare (EW) and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

TMD has been involved for many years in all aspects of Electronic Warfare, Directed Energy Weapons and associated systems, where the generation of RF power is required. Broad band, narrow band, CWand pulsed systems from watts to megawatts. Most were and still are classified. TMD has been or are currently involved in the following applications:

  • Airborne ECM & EA- Inboard- Pod Mount

    – Towed decoy

  • Naval ECM & EA- On board

    – Off board decoy

  • Target drone
  • Training
    – EW Pods- Naval training
  • Adversary Simulation
  • High Power applications & DEW

Airborne platforms are inhabited fixed wing, UAV, inboard, pod mount and towed, where reliability, performance and size are of paramount importance. Naval systems also require control of phase when used in steerable arrays.

Special systems require minimal throughput delay in order to cover the skin echo of very short pulseradar, very high (MHz) PRF and very high power for fleet protection.

TMD has been involved with EW since the inception of the ALQ-101 into the UK some 40 years ago,through to the more recent DEW and EW requirements. A very long track record of reliable supply and operational performance.

Because of the sensitive nature of EW & DEW only a very limited selection of products and applications are shown within the attached application notes document, and for the same reason no current programmes are referenced.

We have supplied a wide range of broad band pulse, CW and ICW EW amplifiers from 80 MHz to 40 GHz, forinboard, pod and tow mounted airborne systems, ship and ground based equipments.

The low efficiency and complex cooling of solid state will ensure the continued dominance of TWT technology particularly at the higher frequencies now required. TMD continues to improve the performance of amplifiers in linewith requirements and is continually developing innovative new product for bespoke customer solutions.

The demand for amplifiers continues to grow as threats proliferate whilst higher power systems for directed energy and fleet protection are currently being considered.

TMD can supply Non-ITAR products for most powers and frequencies.