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Surveillance Radar

This application includes such applications as search and rescue, airborne early warning (AEW), ground mobile air defence, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), terrain following radar (TFR), maritime patrol aircraft (MPA). TMD can supply tubes, amplifiers (tube & high voltage power supply) or more complete radar transmitters if required. We are currently working on the development of multi-tube transmitters to achieve optimum reliability & performance.

Guidance / Fire Control

A fire-control radar provides information (mainly target azimuth, elevation, range and velocity) to a fire-control system in order to calculate a solution which directs a weapon to hit the required target.

This type of radar typically emits a narrow, intense beam of RF ensuring accurate tracking information and minimising the chance of losing track of the target. The performance is highly dependent on the resolution of the radar. We supply a wide range of tubes and transmitter subsystems for these applications.

RF Missile Seekers

The technology is similar, but in this case the fire control radar is integrated within the missile itself. There is a major growth area for TMD in the supply of transmitters built around high duty Ku band TWTs. We have designed and developed a special ring loop structure resulting in a much lighter, more compact assembly and are now supplying large production volumes to customers worldwide.

SAR Imaging

TMD produces a wide range of rugged transmitter products for use in airborne SAR systems to produce ground images at night, or in poor weather conditions – for civil and military applications.

Our new ultra compact MPMs (Microwave Power Modules) are particularly suitable for this application.

Air Traffic Control

Since the 1970s, TMD has successfully supplied high reliability TWTs to Watchman radar users worldwide. With the company’s continued progress in power supply design, the latest development has been a complete S band transmitter for ATC which includes TWT, power supply, BITE (built in test electronics) and cooling, integrated into a standard double cabinet.