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TMD Technologies designs and manufactures high power microwave amplifiers and transmitters to operate reliably in some of the most extreme environments on the planet. Power electronics is central to all of our products, whether it is to generate high voltages to power Travelling Wave Tubes (TWTs) or high current to power the next generation of GaN RF transistors. To continue our growth we are now looking for Power Electronics Engineers to join the team at TMD, at all levels from Graduate to Senior Design Engineer. At senior level you will be a specialist in your field ideally with a PhD, MSc or equivalent experience in the design of switch-mode power converters. You will lead an engineering team in the design and development of new products and will assume the role of Technical Authority for your products.

Current US Vacancies are as follows:

For all vacancies, please send your resumes to:

HR Department
TMD Technologies, LLC
1730 Twin Springs Road, Suite 211,
Baltimore MD, 21227, USA

Alternatively, call 410 242 4290 or email us at:

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