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Microwave Power Modules: S – Ka band

Expertise in both TWT and solid state technology means whatever your needs, we've got them covered!

TMD began developing TWT based MPMs around 15 years ago. Since then we have produced a wide variety of bespoke products. Most recently we have added solid state MPMs to the range, which offer technical advantages for particular specifications and applications.

Each of our TWT based units comprises compact power supply and mini TWT, combined into an ultra-compact, lightweight 'drop in' amplifier block. This simplifies system design and installation, increases reliability and minimises safety hazards. The units also feature high electrical efficiency and excellent thermal management. Performance is factory set, removing the need for any user adjustments in the field, and if necessary permitting easy field replacement of the complete unit. The product range covers S to Ka band, and includes CW, pulsed and CW/pulsed units of extremely compact design. At only 1.7 kg with over 110 W output power the PTXM1000 is probably the market’s highest power density MPM!

Our solid state units incorporate the latest advances in 0.25 μm GaN MMIC technology and low loss power combiners; optimised for EW applications.

TMD’s Microwave Power Modules (MPMs) for Radar, EW & Communications applications – have the following features:

  • Ultra-compact “drop-in” microwave amplifier blocks; Pulsed or CW operation
  • External TWT connections are eliminated
  • Safe and easy installation
  • High reliability
  • Excellent thermal management
  • S to Ka band frequency range
  • Particularly suitable for airborne applications or where space and weight are critical
  • TWT based and solid state versions available
  • ITAR free versions available

TMD has expanded their investment in the Solid State Power Amplifier MPM space through a partnership with Diamond Microwave Ltd, and now has SSPA MPMs available with various output power options from UHF through Ku band. 

NEW – Compact Ka band MPMs PTX8808 and PTX8811

To download Microwave Power Module datasheets, please tick the boxes of the datasheets you would like to download, then enter your details in the form at the bottom of this page. If no tick box is shown, please contact us for more information.

To make it easier for you to compare products, you can sort by any column in the table by clicking on the arrows in the title row.
Just a selection of our generic products are listed and many other variants are available. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, for please contact us and we’d be happy to work towards a collaborative custom solution.

PLEASE NOTE Performance values stated in the table are typical – refer to datasheets for more details.

Type Number D/L
Freq. Range (GHz) Output Power (W,RF) Gain (dB) Duty Cycle (%) Pulse Length (us) Prime Power Tube/Gun Type Cooling Size LxWxH (mm) Weight (kg) Appli-
Special Feat-
PTS10147 2.0-6.0 90-100 55 CW/Pulsed 28 VDC Cond'n 157 x 120 x 24 0.75 EW
PTXM9754 6.0-18.0 100 63 CW/Pulsed 28 VDC FE TWT Cond'n 203.2 x 196.85 x 35.6 2.6 EW,R
PTXM1059 6.0-18.0 125 55 CW/Pulsed 270 VDC FE TWT Cond'n 254 x 135 x 45.5 2.4 EW,R
PTXM1069 6.0-18.0 140 55 CW/Pulsed 270 VDC FE TWT Cond'n 254 x 155 x 45.5 2.4 EW,R
PTX8110 6.0-18.0 200 CW/Pulsed 270 VDC FE TWT Cond'n 330 x 200 x 55 6 EW,R
PTXM1057 7.5-18.0 140 55 CW/Pulsed 270 VDC FE TWT Cond'n 254 x 135 x 45.5 2.4 EW,R
PTX8501 9.0-10.0 1000 55 10 100 28 VDC Grid TWT Cond'n 300 x 160 x 50 4.2 R High Efficiency
PTX8808 26.5-40.0 60-115 CW/Pulsed 0.5 min 270 VDC Cond'n 450 x 224 x 59.5 8.5 EW
PTX8811 30.0-40.0 115-160 CW/Pulsed 0.5 min 270 VDC Cond'n 450 x 224 x 59.5 8.5 EW

* wider bandwidth performance available

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