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What is a Microwave Power Module (MPM)?

A Microwave Power Module (MPM) is essentially a compact, integrated microwave amplifier – for amplifying radio frequency signals to high power levels. MPMs combine solid state and vacuum tube technology (i.e. a solid state driver and Travelling Wave Tube (TWT) output) with a built in power supply.

Microwave Power Module

They are used in radar transmitters, and are particularly useful in applications where miniature and/or lightweight radar transmitters are required – e.g. for airborne applications like Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

What is a Microwave Power Module used for?

In the past the main use of MPMs had been in communications, like satellite uplink systems, where their compact size was advantageous. As solid state technology has developed over the last decade or so the ability to miniaturize MPMs has improved, and their use has expanded considerably. Particularly in military applications like UAVs and mobile satellite communication (SATCOM) terminals. Their applicability to other applications such as Electronic Warfare is now a rapidly expanding area.

What type of Microwave Power Modules does TMD Technologies offer?

At TMD we have been designing and manufacturing Microwave Power Modules (MPMs) for over 15 years. We currently offer a wide range of MPMs including:

  • Solid State Microwave Power Modules
  • Traveling Wave Tube Microwave Power Modules
  • Compact Microwave Power Modules
  • Lightweight Microwave Power Modules
  • Pulsed Microwave Power Modules for radar applications

For more detailed information please see our full Microwave Power Module product range page (where you will also find datasheet downloads).