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TMD introduces NEW Test Set to its radar transponder range

TMD Technologies Limited (TMD), independent, world class, West London based manufacturer in the professional microwave and RF field, has introduced a new advanced test set to its range of radar transponders and support equipment.

The Test Set model 754-3U-2-1 is designed to test G-Band tracking radar Transponders under closed-loop or open-loop conditions. The equipment is supplied as a single sealed enclosure and includes an accessory set to interface with the Transponder-under-test in both open and closed-loop modes.


A significant new feature of this latest generation Test Set is the ability to edit all the user adjustable parameters whilst the transmitter is ON in real-time.

Up to eight user settings can be permanently stored in non-volatile memory, to simplify the setting-up task when testing Transponders with different characteristics.

There are two types of key functions among the eight keys. Keys with the header CMD, EDIT, CURSOR and Tx are programmed to behave as momentary switches. When pressed, these keys will update the display, but the new state will not be transferred to the hardware interface until the key is released. Typical weight is 8 kg.

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