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Academic Partners

The HPRF Faraday Partnership

This partnership between Academica and Industry experts – now integrated with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), explores the many potential applications for high power RF technology in a wide variety of markets, including: linear accelerators, radiography, broadcast and multi-media distribution, X-ray and electron medical therapy. TMD has been an active member of this organisation for the past 10 years.


DIagnostic Techniques for future particle Accelerators European NETwork. This network is run by the University of Heidelberg and is Euro-funded via the Marie Curie ITN scheme. The aim of the scheme is to train young engineers in RF technology to meet the requirement of the medical linear accelerator market. The network includes academic members and industry partners and TMD is working closely with Royal Holloway College, London University. We are expecting our first students for training in 2008/9.


British Accelerator Science and Radiation Oncology Consortium

This ambitious consortium is concerned with establishing accelerator designs that are cheaper to build, more robust and flexible, compact and easier to operate; for the purposes of:

  • Basic research to study the origin of matter
  • Cancer treatment
  • In industry, to design advanced materials and electronic devices
  • Safe nuclear energy generation and waste disposal


TMD is an active member of the oPAC community (optimization of the performance of any Particle ACcelerator).

Please see link below to the latest newsletter:


TMD also has close contact with the John Adams Institute in Oxford, one of the consortium members with whom we are sharing our expertise in very high power microwave tubes as part of the search for new accelerator designs.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership -TMD and CRDM Research

In response to the requirements of new EU legislation “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” we have now completed a two year research and development programme to fully investigate lead free solder alternatives for PCB assembly;

This DTI funded project was undertaken as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between TMD and CRDM Research, a Department of Buckinghamshire Chiltern University College.

London Development Agency- Secondment Into Knowledge

We recently took part in a LDA funded Secondment Into Knowledge project with Brunel University funded by the LDA. The project covered the scientific study of tungsten heater wire embrittlement.

Secondment into Knowledge projects are deigned to bring together Academic institutions and SMEs to mutual benefit.

We also have regular contact with:

Daresbury Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science & Technology
EW Tower of Excellence
Radar Tower of Excellence



We have supported students with First Degree and/or MSc Bursaries at the following universities:

  • Loughborough
  • Nottingham
  • Strathclyde

TMD provides financial support towards fees and accommodation and the opportunity for funded industry related project work carried out at the University or at TMD during vacations.

CASE Awards

Over the last few years we have supported a PhD CASE award at Oxford University.

Sponsored Studentships

A PhD student from Brunel university is currently working with TMD on a Field Emission Cathode project and recently won a prize for the best poster. Click here to see poster.

Vacation Students

We encourage students who wish to join us for their vacations, providing suitable projects can be found which match their skills.

Recently we have welcomed students from:

  • Cambridge University (Engineering Department)
  • Leicester University (Chemistry Department)
  • Strathclyde University
  • Nottingham University

Development Contracts

We have developed a special microwave nanosecond ‘kicker’ power amplifier for Oxford University’s John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science and the STFC Accelerator Science and Technology Centre.

We also have regular contact with:

  • Lancaster University
  • Surrey University